Chris Hemsworth on Marvel vs. DC Rivalry: There's No Rivalry Because Marvel Is Winning (Video)

Hubris is something that Marvel has earned over the years and it’s something that has been on display from the studio for a while now. It certainly was on display when Chris Hemseworth, better now as Thor  or for his role in the upcoming Ron Howard movie Rush, when he was asked about a Marvel vs. DC comic book movie rivalry that has begun with the announcement of Warner Bros. Batman vs. Superman.

According to Hemsworth, who sat down with Jake Hamilton, there isn’t a rivalry between Marvel and DC because Marvel is simply winning at everything right now and that’s not a rivalry.

And Thor brings the hammer down hard on DC. Marvel earned that pot shot as the studio has really only been going up against one man and not an entire army of films. While Warner Bros deserves it’s dues for the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy, Marvel has been not only owning the comic book movie landscape, it’s torn it up and reinvented it.

Proof that there is no rivalry at all — beyond looking at box office returns — is that DC is trying to start a rivalry and stay competitive with Marvel by copying the Marvel strategy.

That right there tells you all you need to know. Marvel films have tapped into the mainstream and created fans who both love comic books like a religion and those who think the only find of comics that exist are in the Sunday paper. We may have competition but you always let the kid who got picked last score at least one goal to make him feel better.

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