Emmy Awards 2013: What Time Are the Emmy Awards on TV?

We’re getting to that magical time of the year we like to call ‘awards season’, but while the movie world is gearing up to unveil the best cinema they have to offer, the world of television and television movies have already had their time in the sun and are ready to hand out awards to those who stand out.

The Emmy Awards are right around the corner this weekend but you might be asking yourself when and where you can catch the awards show which will honor the best television had to offer in 2013.

If you’re a Breaking Bad or Dexter fan, you’re going to have a bit of an issue as the Emmy Awards air Sunday evening on CBS. This means the show that is awarding both Breaking Bad and Dexter will be running in direct ratings competition with the shows. There’s also the matter of Sunday Night Football to deal with, so the Emmy’s really made things hard for themselves when they scheduled the awards show.

Date: Sunday, Sept. 22nd
Time: 8pm ET
Channel: CBS
Live Stream: Official Emmy Live Stream

Be sure to check back all weekend long for our continuing coverage of the major Emmy Award races and stay glued to Hidden Remote for all the best television entertainment news you can get.

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