Spike Lee Releases New Oldboy Poster Featuring Josh Brolin

While Spike Lee may be stirring the pot with his Kickstarter campaign, he’s also still fully embracing the studio system he rails against and has released the new poster for his upcoming film Oldboy. For those that have already seen the Korean original, we know what’s in store with the film and can’t wait to see how a talent like Lee adapts such a chilling and creepy tale with a huge star like Josh Brolin headlining the cast.


The big names don’t stop with Brolin as Samuel L. Jackson dons a yellow mohawk and Sarto Copley plays the antagonist — and really all he has to do is show up to be awesome.

Adapting a Korean film is a massive departure for a director like Lee who has long loved to create his own material and has been amazing at it, despite recent slip ups that we can forgive and pretend don’t exist. The hope is that Lee can return to his 90s heights where he was the Kanye West of filmmaking as he was one of the best in the business and let you know about it.

Oldboy isn’t set to hit theaters until after Thanksgiving but already Lee has drawn our interest just based on the premise of the director remaking a Korean classic, and everything else we learn or see about the film feeds that desire to see how things turn out.

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