Star Wars: Episode VII Casting Rumors: Micheal B. Jordan Meets with J.J. Abrams


Did you go to bed last night, wishing and hoping that upon waking up this morning you’d have yet another Star Wars: Episode VII, then you’re in luck. Our always active friends over at Latino Review have uncovered yet another casting rumor that involves two young actors on the rise. According to El Mayimbe, Micheal B. Jordan and David Oyelowo have both read for roles in J.J. Abrams upcoming movie.

Per Latino Review, who we agree with over the Benedict Cumberbatch rumors :

According to sources, The Butler’s David Oyelowo went in for some unknown role. But here is the kicker. You know who just went in to meet with JJ Abrams personally? Fruitvale Station’s Michael B. Jordan. Jordan’s career is on fire. Rumored to be the next Johnny Storm in The Fantastic Four reboot, Jordan also got Creed coming up next.

Here’s anther rumor we really hope ends up being true as Jordan is indeed on the rise and would add not only some massive talent to the film, but he’d be adding some much needed diversity.

As El Mayimbe points out, we seem to be out of “son of” or “daughter of” characters that could fit a role by either Jordan or Oyelowo. Unless somewhere along the line Lando Calrissian had a kid, this is going to be a brand new role of either a Jedi, Sith or some other major character in Abrams film.

This rumor continues a recent trend of top-end actors being attached to the new Star Wars movie which is only making fans rejoice more that George Lucas is involved with the film in name only.

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