WikiLeaks Posts Official 'The Fifth Estate' Script, Blasts Film as being Inaccurate


If you’re making a film about the infamous Julian Assange and his business of leaking classified material to the general public, wouldn’t you try to to keep your script about him under better cover? The seals were not checked by the folks at DreamWorks and Disney as Asange has posted what he calls a “mature” version of the script on — you guess it — WikiLeaks.

Here’s to hoping Disney is better at keeping Star Wars news from trickling out in a likewise manner.

Your rumors and news from a galaxy far, far away may be safe though, as Assange is posting about The Fifth Estate because he has a beef with it, seeing as it’s based around events in his life and are told in a way he says is “fiction masquerading as fact” among other things. The WikiLeaks founder penned a memo he posted on the site that claimed most of the events depicted in The Fifth Estate never happened and said political agenda is behind the film.

Per Julian Assange, via

“This film does not occur in a historical vacuum, but appears in the context of ongoing efforts to bring a criminal prosecution against WikiLeaks and Julian Assange for exposing the activities of the Pentagon and the US State Department,”

The site also tweeted out an early review of the script incase you simply do not have time to read through it and don’t want to wait for the movie to hit theaters.

The current spat between Assange and the folks at Disney is over the fact that posters have emerged promoting the film that plaster the word ‘Traitor’ over the WikiLeaks founder’s face. It’s worth noting the irony here that if Disney is trying to blast Assange for, as some call it, pointing out the errors of the American way that they are doing so in a way that asks you pay them to hear their argument.

The Fifth Estate isn’t set to hit theaters until October 18th, but as of today the film has a 40 percent rotten rating on Rotten Tomatoes among 12 critical ratings — not including the review from WikiLeaks.


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