Breaking Bad Live Stream: How to Watch All Episodes on Your iPhone and PS3


All the cool kids tonight will be glued to AMC and the return of Walter White and Breaking Bad. It’s been four and a half intense seasons and we are finally barreling towards the epic conclusion of Breaking Bad and the rise and fall of Walter White. But while mostly everyone has been watching the show religiously for the past five years, not everyone has been fortunate enough to get in on the action, but it’s not too lat to play catch up.

Breaking Bad has released all of the previous seasons up to now on DVD and Blu-Ray but some of us can’t afford to go out and spend hundreds of dollars to catch up on Walter White’s journey. That’s where the power of streaming services come into play as the likes of Netflix, Amazon and other services can bail you out and get you up to speed on Breaking Bad.


Like Breaking Bad changed TV shows, Netflix is changing how we watch them. Thanks to the success of Breaking Bad, shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black are hits on Netflix so it’s only natural that the Walter White has made a home on Netflix. Netflix has your back on the first eight episodes of the final season as well. The streaming company made available the first eight episodes of season 5 back on August 2.

Ways To Watch: PS3, XBox, iPhone App, iPad App,

Still, even sans the first eight episodes of the final season, Netflix is your best option when it comes to catching up on what you’ve missed. Plus, Netflix offers a free first month which means you could hypothetically catch up on the first four seasons of Breaking Bad without actually having to pay a dime.

Amazon Prime

Taking Netflix’s lead, Amazon has installed a rather successful online streaming service that also allows you to watch Breaking Bad. However, unlike Netflix, Amazon Prime gives you the ability to purchase digital content and stream it on numerous devices.

Ways To Watch: PS3, iPhone App, iPad App,

So while it won’t be completely free in theory like Netflix, Amazon is easily a 1-B option when it comes to catching up on Breaking Bad and it’s your best option in trying to catch the first half of season 5. A perk of Amazon Prime is the fact that once an episode airs on AMC, it will be almost immediately available to view and enjoy online.

The biggest perk with Amazon Prime though is that you can watch the episodes on your phone and you can do it for free if you have Amazon Prime. Even if you don’t have a subscription to Prime, you can still purchase the newest episodes for a dirt cheap price that beats buying it for $40 on Blu-Ray plus having to wait five months for it to come out.

It’s also legal to do, which means you won’t have to be looking over your shoulder while you enjoy Breaking Bad on your mobile devices at your own comfort.

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