Breaking Bad Death Odds: Which Characters to Bet On Dying Before Series Finale


Breaking Bad is down to it’s final two episodes with the penultimate episode airing tonight. But with the drama of what will happen to Walter White by series end comes the question of who else will get caught in the net of death being cast by the series as it barrels towards an epic conclusion.

So far Hank has been the highest profile death in the final season but the bloodshed seems to be far from over. The folks over at Bovada have crunched the numbers and churned out the odds of each character living or dying.

Walter White
Yes: -200 (1/2)
No: +150 (3/2)

Jesse Pinkman
Yes: -150 (2/3)
No: +110 (11/10)

Skyler White
Yes: +200 (2/1)
No: -300 (1/3)

Saul Goodman
Yes: +150 (3/2)
No: -200 (1/2)

So what do all of those numbers mean? Essentially, the odds are in favor of (as they always have been) Walter White dying before the series ends. The clock is ticking on this bet but don’t expect anything to happen with this bet until likely the final scene of the series. As for Jesse Pinkman, the odds are in favor of him meeting his demise as well, although the odds aren’t as strong in Jesse’s case.

The rest of the cast from there on down seem to be safe. For full disclosure, Bodava had slight odds favoring Hank surviving the shootout from last week’s episode, but he wasn’t an overwhelming favorite.

Who do you think will die? Is anyone’s odds of surviving overrated or will we have some sleeper deaths before the series is through. Sound off in the comments section below and let us know.


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