Emmy Award Winners 2013: Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn Wins Best Supporting Actress


The 2013 Emmy Awards are upon us and the best television has to offer have been honored. Even though most people may be watching Breaking Bad or the series finale of Dexter, not to mention the Sunday Night Football game between the Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers, the Emmy Award winners are being crowned and the festivities have moved on to the Drama categories.

Breaking Bad took home it’s first award of the night when actress Anna Gunn, known as Skyler White, won the Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Gunn has become a staple of the show and one of the most powerful female characters on television. However, she’s not a lead character on the show despite being the wife of Walter White and an active participant in his meth trade. She’s also not a traditional powerful female character as she shows flashes of being weak willed as much as she shows off her motherly side.

Her power lies in the form of her being able to either help Walter get away with his deeds or crush him under the weight of the pressure he’s put on her.

Breaking Bad is up for seven more Emmy nominations tonight, but so far the show is batting 1.000 and Gunn has taken home what looks to be the first of many Emmy Awards for the hit AMC show.

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