Emmy Award Winners 2013: David Fincher Wins Best Director for House of Cards

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The 2013 Emmy Awards are upon us and the best television has to offer have been honored. Even though most people may be watching Breaking Bad or the series finale of Dexter, not to mention the Sunday Night Football game between the Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers, the Emmy Award winners are being crowned and the festivities have moved on to the Drama categories.

David Fincher has been shut out of an Oscar twice before but he can add an Emmy Award to his resume. Fincher won Best Director for a Drama Series for his work on the pilot episode of House of Cards.

The win is notable for not only Fincher winning the award but it marks the first major win for House of Cards, one of the most outstanding yet controversial nominees of the year. Traditionally shows have had to air on major networks to be eligible to win Emmy Awards but House of Cards helped break the mold by taking it’s talents to Netflix.

Not only did the move basically change the game forever, making Netflix a hub for original programming, but it showed that talented and terrifically produced shows can be found, enjoyed and honored no matter where they end up premiering.

Of course film fans will applaud the Emmy win by Fincher, who is perhaps one of the best directors not only working today but to have every working in the medium of television and film.

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