Emmy Awards 2013: Are Movies Nominated for Primetime Emmy Awards?


The Emmy Awards are tonight, but not everyone may be aware of just what all goes on. If you’re hazy on the types of awards that are handed out at the Emmy Awards, you’re not alone and it’s really not your fault. The sheer amount of awards that are handed out this time of year makes it tricky to keep up with everything that goes on, so you can’t be blamed for not knowing what is al honored at the Emmys.

While it’s a television awards show, movies are indeed technically honored at the Emmy Awards. Feature length films released in theaters are not honored, as those are saved for the Golden Globes and Academy Awards. However, if a film is aired first on television as TV movie, that’s grounds for it to be nominated for an Emmy.

That’s where the umbrella of the TV movie begins as everyone involved in the production can be honored, just like they do at the Oscars and other movie award ceremonies.  However, unlike the Oscars and other film specific awards that are handed out, TV movies are in lumped together with miniseries, which means only one or two TV movies end up getting nominated against around the same number of miniseries events.

This year the only films to be nominated both happen to be HBO productions. David Mamet and his film Phil Spector garnered six nominations while Steven Soderbergh’s Behind the Candelabra also grabbed six nominations. Both films secured nominations in major acting categories as well as nominations for Best Movie or Miniseries, Best Director and Best Writing.

Which director do you think will come out on top, or will both be beaten by a miniseries like American Horror Story? Sound off in the comments section below and check back tonight for all your Emmy Awards updates.

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