Breaking Bad Star Dean Norris Dances Off Against 'Dancing With The Stars' Derek Hough (Video)

Last night was a night of upsets and sleeper hits making their mark on the Emmy Awards. Basically, if you hate popular shows or hate that there never seems to be any suspense during the Emmy Awards, last night was a great night for you. But afterwords, things got crazy at the Emmy after-parties where all the winners danced the night away and the loser hit the bar hard.

Dean Norris, who played Hank on Breaking Bad, didn’t win any awards but Dancing With the Stars favorite Derek Hough did and as a result the latter was challenged to a dance off.

Entertainment Weekly captured the dance off and posted the battle on Vine:

Norris has moved on from his iconic role as Walter White’s brother in law on Breaking Bad and has found yet another hit show to star in with Under The Dome. Obviously the CBS show has a lot of cultural ground to catch up on if it even wants to get close to where Breaking Bad is, but Norris has become a household name with fans of the show who followed him to his latest endeavor.

The dance off with Emmy winner Derek Hough — who essentially beat out the entire cast of So You Think You Can Dance? to win his Best Performer Emmy in the Variety category — was just one of the awesome moments from last night’s Emmy festivities. It’s been a rough month for Hank though, as not only did he die on Breaking Bad, he got murdered by Hough in the dance circle.

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