Cillian Murphy Auditioning for Batman (Photo)

The Dark Knight Trilogy hits Blu-Ray shelves everywhere tomorrow and we are looking forward to seeing what extra goodies have been included in the set. So far we’ve seen interviews by Christopher Nolan about the 15 minute pitch he gave to Warner Bros. and Christian Bale’s audition tape which eventually won him the role of Batman.

But Bale wasn’t the only actor to audition for the role of Batman in Batman Begins as actor Cillian Murphy also put on the suit in an attempt to win the role.


We know now that Murphy obviously didn’t win the role of Batman, but Nolan was so impressed with his audition and his work ethic that he still cast him in all three of his Dark Knight movies anyways. Rather than playing Batman, Murphy snagged the part of Scarecrow, one of the pestering villains that showed up over and over in each Batman film directed by Nolan.

Christian Bale won the role of Batman but Murphy is just one of a slew of actors who put on the suit to audition for the role. It’s always interesting to look back and wonder what would have happened if Murphy or anyone else had won the role of playing Nolan’s Batman. It’s hard to picture anyone other than Bale putting on the cowl, but Murphy left enough of a mark on Nolan that he became not only a player in each of his Batman movies but has inserted himself into the rotation of actors Nolan frequently uses.

So in the end, not wining  the role of Batman still worked put pretty well for Murphy.

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