Anne Hathaway Catwoman Audition from The Dark Knight Rises (Photo)

Today marks the release of The Dark Knight Trilogy Collection which compiles virtually every bit of information you’d ever want to know about Christopher Nolan’s Batman films. Already we’ve seen some real goodies emerge from the set as early audition footage of Christian Bale, Cillian Murphy and others have surfaced with photos of Murphy in the Batman suit popping up as well.

Next up is Anne Hathaway, who’s audition footage for her role as Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises shows up on the new set. Unlike Bale’s Batman, which saw the actor audition in Val Kilmer’s Batman suit from 1995’s Batman Forever, Hathaway pretty much looks the way she ultimately did in the finished film.



The only change that it noticeable with Hathaway’s Catwoman is that she was classed up a bit more for The Dark Knight Rises. In her audition though, it’s clear that Nolan knew exactly where he was going with the new Catwoman, as unlike the footage we’ve seen from Batman Begins, Nolan had two stunning Batman films under his belt and had a grasp on the world he’d created.

Still, it’s fun to look back, even to a few years ago, and note just where the characters we saw on film came from. Hathaway’s appearance didn’t change much, but Batman fans are still holding out for all the early Heath Ledger Joker footage they can handle.


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