Clerks 3: Kevin Smith Says Filming Might Happen as Soon 2014


Kevin Smith is making the rounds right now to promote his latest film Tusk which the director says is slated to begin filming this coming October. But while it’s been 20 years since he released it, Smith’s career has been defined by his first film Clerks, and with almost ten years under his belt since it’s sequel Clerks 2, the topic of a third Clerks film has come up and the news is good for fans.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Smith notes that Tusk is essentially something he’s doing with his spare time while he awaits progress on Clerks 3, which could begin filming in 2014 if Smith moves as fast as he sounds motivated.


I think Tusk will be an ivory bridge, if you will, to Clerks III. I finished up the script [forClerks] in May or June, but the timetable is pretty tough because the budget is larger. Tusk is a moveable feast at like $2 million and change, so it was way more nimble to put that together. Tusk was just something to do while waiting for news back on Clerks III. Suddenly, people were like, “Really? A human walrus? That sounds f–ked up.” It suddenly took pole position. Then I started going, “Look, I do this, it’s going to make Clerks III even easier to do. I can warm up for Clerks III. It’s been a couple of years. Maybe I need some warmup pitches. But you definitely will see Tusk before you’ll see Clerks III.

Earlier this year Smith remarked that Clerks 3 would not be something he goes to Kickstarter to get done, and given his passion for the story it sounds like the money he’ll need is already in place or close to being so.

Of course, Clerks 3 has been rumored to be happening for a while now, so even Smith’s enthusiasm needs to taken with a grain of salt. However, this is the most we’ve heard about the project in a long time and it’s encouraging news to say the least.

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