ESPN Movie Moving Forward with Blue Valentine Director Derek Cianfrance

Keith Olbermann and Dan Patrick - 1994

There are few brands as recognizable or popular as ESPN, which is why it’s so puzzling that a movie about the company and pioneering sports network hasn’t yet been made. In 2011 James Andrew Miller and Tom Shales put together an expansive book which chronicled, in great detail, the rise of ESPN as the prominent sports giant it is today.

Fox initially purchased the rights to the book but when the project got put in turnaround, Focus picked it up and has been moving forward with it ever since. The progress has brought on a potential director as Blue Valentine helmer Derek Cianfrance is in talks to direct Those Guys Have All The Fun, the long awaited ESPN movie.

Per Variety:

“Blue Valentine” director Derek Cianfrance is in talks to direct “ESPN: Those Guys Have All the Fun” for Focus about the rise of the dominant sports channel. The project is based on the James Andrew Miller and Tom Shales book , an oral history that spotlighted how ESPN started and where it is today.

It’s unclear just what the film will cover as the book covers more than 30 years of history in over 600 pages of interviews. There’s also no promise that Those Guys Have All The Fun will be an award winning film like The Social Network, but there is enough history with ESPN that more than a few movies could be made out of the interviews from the book.

Most likely two eras will be covered extensively in the movie, as the rise of the network in the 70s is a foregone conclusion to be included but there’s also the Dan Patrick/Keith Olbermann 90s that deserve covering as well.

Right now the film is still trying to secure Cianfrance as the director, but ESPN: The Movie is a lot closer to happening than we thought.


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