Leonardo DiCaprio Film 'Wolf of Wall Street' Reportedly Not Finished, Might Be Pushed to 2014 and Miss Oscars

THE WOLF OF WALL STREETWith Oscar season gearing up, a lot of hype has surrounded the latest Martin Scorsese film Wolf of Wall Street, which star Leonardo DiCaprio and is in line to make a serious run at some serious Oscars. But bad news is being reported by The Hollywood Reporter who says insiders believe the film, which is currently too long for release and needs to be cut down, won’t be ready in time for it’s initial release date and may not even be ready for release this year.

Scorsese and his producers are currently trying to cut the film down from it’s 180 minute run time but if the film isn’t ready for release by Christmas, which is the new targeted release date, reports are the movie will be pushed to 2014 making it ineligible for this year’s Oscars.

Per THR:

Paramount and Scorsese are hoping that the movie, based on former broker Jordan Belfort‘s best-selling memoir, will be completed by Christmas in time for an awards run. If not, Wolf  would be pushed back to next year. Either way, it won’t be ready for a sneak screening at the upcoming New York Film Festival.

This is nasty news for both fans of Scorsese but it’s even worse the director and Paramount. The film is already projected to garner nominations at the Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Director among a slew of others. A missed release date and being pushed into 2014 means none of that will happen this year and severely hurts the chances of the film sticking out whenever it does hit theaters.

Still, there’s hope that the film will hit theaters by Christmas, which would push all of Paramount’s films back into 2014 as a result.

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