Sons of Anarchy Recap: What Happened and Who Died in Tonight's Episode 'Poenitentia'


We’ve been waiting a year to find out what happens next to Jax, Tara, Gemma and the rest of SAMCRO in Sons of Anarchy. The season six premiere picked right up where the last season came to a shocking halt with Clay and Tara going to prison, Jax moving further away from his plans to leave the club and everyone pitted against one another.

We are just getting started with what should prove to be an epic and intense second to last season of Sons of Anarchy so let’s get right into it and break down the five most intense moments of tonight’s episode.

5. Lee Toric Panics, Blows Out Hooker’s Brains Out

In true Sons of Anarchy fashion, this weeks episode started out with a bang — well three silent bangs to be exact. After forging Clay’s signature on legal documents allowing him to reopen the Rico case against SAMCRO, Lee Toric decides to pick up a hooker, you know as you do. But after sleeping with her, Toric accidentally shoots the hooker in the stomach as the DA knocks at his door. Rather than calm her down, Toric calmly places a pillow over her face and shoots her two more times in the head. It’s been made clear that Toric isn’t at all stable but this could be something that ultimately derails Toric’s revenge quest on SAMCRO.

4. Jax Visits Clay, Passively Confronts and Threatens Lee

As was teased in last week’s episode, Jax pays a visit to Clay in prison and finds out that the former leader of the club has indeed tried to flip on the club. However, Clay is having second thoughts about turning on Jax and Gemma, but Jax isn’t interested in listening to his inner moral struggles. Jax also knows that the infamous Lee Toric is listening in on the other side of the glass, and very passively threatens him in order to get him to back off his club and his family. Jax simply tells Lee that while he feels his pain, he and the club has nothing to do with his sister’s death and that anymore attempts to get his wife to flip on him will be met with not so pleasant results.

3. SAMCRO is Attacked by Drive-By Shooting by Iranian Pornographers

Remember those Persian Iranian torture pornographers from the first episode? Neither did we or SAMCRO until a group of them shot up Charles Barosky’s shop with the club inside. After remembering the beef with the Iranian’s, Jax, Charles and the club head down to the docks to make sure nothing happens again. After taking with the Iranians in a calm manner, it’s discovered that the brother that Tigg killed in the first episode has come back to bite the club as the Iranians want to know where he is. Jax truthfully says he has no idea where the brother is and Charles slits one of their throats to make sure all the beef is buried. Jax finds out that Tigg killed the brother and realizes he can no longer trust his friend and fellow club member.

2. Tara Reveals She’s Pregnant with Jax’s Child

There’s not doubt a rift growing between Jax and Tara, but while they are growing apart one single event may end up bringing them back together at least temporarily. Tara revealed to Gemma that she is eight weeks pregnant with Jax’s third child but isn’t ready to tell him yet because she’s not sure how he will react — and she’s not sure how she feels about him. With Jax drifting deeper and deeper into the club, another child is not something Tara wants to drag into the mess. Jax is very warm to the idea of Tara being pregnant with his child, but while it’s a potential fix, it may not be one that sticks.

1. Jax Has Damien Pope’s Gang Kill Tigg

It seems like not so long ago that Jax was about to leave SAMCRO, take Tara and head up to Oregon and live a peaceful life. But now he’s falling deeper and deeper into the club and is getting his hands dirtier and dirtier. Last season we gave Jax the benefit when he framed Clay with Damian Pope’s murder. But Jax again took a club decision into his own hands and did exactly what Clay did — had another member of the club killed. Jax confronted Tigg about killing the Iranian pornographer in the first episode and as a result, had Pope’s men take Tigg out. It’s a move straight out of Clay’s book and shows that no matter how hard Jax tries to set the club straight, he as a man will forever be broken.

What was your favorite moment from tonight’s episode of Sons of Anarchy? Let us know in the comment section and stay tuned to the FanSided Network for all the updates you need to know about this season of Sons of Anarchy.

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