Batman vs. Superman: William Shatner Pursuing Role of Alfred?

William Shatner is either the world’s best prankster or it’s most brilliantly gifted actor — or both. The magic of Shatner is something that can’t be ignored as he’s branded his own style of questionable acting talents and made it something almost no one wants to miss and everyone is aware of. But after conquering the Star Trek world, Shatner wants in on this comic book craze and is reportedly still plugging his name as the next Alfred in Batman vs. Superman.

If you’ll remember, Shatner put out a tweet not long after the Ben Affleck announcement was made saying if the film needs someone to play Alfred, Warner Bros knows how to reach him. Many believed that Shatner was joking about wanting the role but Shatner again showed interest in the role while being interviewed by Fox Business Channel’s Neil Cavuto.

When asked about a rumor that was started — a rumor that Shatner seemed to forget he started — the actor expressed interest in playing Alfred, simply exclaiming, “why not?” to Cavuto.

Shatner also referenced his infamous role as the Priceline Negotiator, saying he might be able to negotiate the role coming his way.

While Shatner likely wouldn’t be a top choice to play Alfred in the movie, Zack Snyder and company will likely be needing to cast an Alfred for the film. Michael Caine is a tough act to follow but like most casting “rumors” surrounding Batman vs. Superman, Shatner has reminded us of the very important fact that sooner or later we will need to find a new Alfred sometime before 2015.

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