Joseph Gordon-Levitt Says Christopher Nolan Didn't Discourage Him From Directing Don Jon

At the moment, it seems everyone wants to see famous people all fight each other. Maybe it stems from out intense addiction to reality television where the only entertainment seems to be drama, but for some reason that need to watch famous and powerful people duke it out is something that sells fish wrap these days.

Thus was the case with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and director Christopher Nolan. With the release of Gordon-Levitt’s Don Jon this weekend, so came a rumor that he was discouraged by the Batman director to write, direct and star in his own movie all at the same time.

Gordon-Levitt brought the topic up yesterday morning when he dropped by The Howard Stern Showsaying that Nolan never told him to not do the picture, rather gave him cautious advice. It was that cautious advice that was apparently blown up into reports that Nolan basically shamed Gordon-Levitt for doing Don Jon.

That’s something that went around on the internet and it’s not really true. What they’re talking about is, Christopher Nolan, who did The Dark Knight Trilogy and Inception and he was really supportive. I was working on The Dark Knight Rises when I finished the draft of the script and I told him ‘I think I want to direct something’. What he did do was he started asking me questions. And he did ask me ‘Are you sure you want to act and direct at the same time?’. He also asked me ‘What kind of budget do you think you’re going to try and do, are you going to get a big studio to try and pay for it?’

Cleary Nolan literally put on the Batman suit to scold Gordon-Levitt for wanting to make Don Jon the way he did. What folks should be talking out of that tid-bit is how cool it would have been to be a fly on the wall while Nolan was almost coaching Gordon-Levitt on preparing for an undertaking like acting and directing in a film.

The undertaking by Gordon-Levitt paid off as not only did he write a hilarious script but he perfectly balanced his duties as an actor and a director.

Don Jon hits theaters this weekend, and has now been certified “Nolan-versey” free for your enjoyment.

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