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The League Season 5, Episode 4 Review: Seth Rogen Gets Dirty and Dark


Tonight was quite the departure for FXX’s The League as the show didn’t once mention fantasy football and rather took viewers on a wild road trip with Seth Rogen leading the way as his character Dirty Randy.

It was quite the risk to take with The League on Wednesday as we only saw the main characters that make up the show about once, in their infamous bar and everything looks like it’s going to be business as usual until Rafi gets a phone call that one of his porno buddies and members of his fantasy football league has been murdered. From here, he sets out with Rogen’s Dirty Randy as the duo travel across country to Los Angeles to avenge his death.

This might possibly be the most well written and interesting episode of The League so far as it took risks you wouldn’t expect out of a show that’s just about a bunch of guys playing fantasy football. The episode, which was written by Rogen, takes us away from the world of fantasy football but keeps the humor of the show intact, even taking it to another level.

Highlights include virtually everything Rogen says as well as a hilarious cameo by Will Sasso in which he plays a police officer that Randy and Rafi believe is a closet Nazi. SNL veteran Kevin Nealon has a cameo that ends in a gut bursting violence on par with something Quentin Tarantino would use to pay off a scene in one of his films.

But let’s not skirt over the boldest move of all — killing a major character. The League seemingly killed off Rafi at the end of tonight’s episode when he got into an old fashion duel with Dirty Randy. Now, with Rafi it’s not impossible that he’s some how not dead, but The League showed tonight that they weren’t messing around with the direction they want to take the show.

Had they show not killed Rafi at the end of the episode, The League could have really be onto something with these one-off Dirty Randy and Rafi episodes, much like Family Guy plays on old Bing Crosby, Bob Hope episodes with Stewie and Brian.

It was a bold, dark and dirty move by The League to take the route they did with Wednesday night’s episode but it was a move that paid off as it took the quality of the show to another level of comedy confidence it hadn’t yet reached.

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