Why Andy Samberg, Robin Williams And Others Are Flocking to Television to Revive Their Careers.

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Have you heard the old Hollywood wives tale of yesteryear about the fallen movie star who attempts to resurrect his or her fallen and failed movie star career by taking on a marginally funny Hollywood sitcom in hopes of firmly re-establishing themselves as a potentially viable major movie box office star?

Neither have I, and until the last few years this notion would have been laughed off and assumed to be a joke.

In fact the most interesting trend of the new fall TV lineup is just how many shows star former famous film actors or those attempting to be successfully famous film actors.

Calling all famous comedic actors who started their careers on TV only to rise to fame and then attempt movie super stardom with varying degrees of success; we’re looking at you Robin Williams(The Crazy Ones), Andy Samberg(Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Seth Green(Dads), Willl Arnett (The Millers), and  Jeff Garlin,(The Goldbergs).

Or are you just a plain old actress or actor who achieved success in film only to see your career take the proverbial nose dive and are now using TV super stardom as your last resort? Paging Anna Faris(Mom), Kal Penn (We’re Men), Giovanni Ribisi (Dads), and for the umpteenth time, Jennifer Lopez (American Idol)

Whether it’s Robin Williams freely admitting to taking the job to pay off his alimony in The Crazy Ones or Andy Samberg attempting to rejuvenate his stalled movie career on the critically acclaimed Brooklyn Nine-Nine to former  TV star Sean Hayes once again attempting success with his new super stereotypical Sean Saves The World, all of them are participating in a tried-and-true cycle of attempting to become a TV star to become a movie star.

But let’s face it, we all know how this worked out the  last time a bunch stars attempted such a feat. Here’s looking at you Kelsey Grammer ( Back To You), Ray Romano( Men Of Certain Age), and Jerry Seinfeld ( The Marriage Ref).


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