Batman vs. Superman: Wonder Woman Cast by Warner Bros?


Most fans of the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie are still throwing a fit over the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman. But there are going to be more than just two characters in the film, and according to Bleeding Cool, one of those characters might very well be Wonder Woman.

This is significant for more than one reason, the chief among them being we could see Wonder Woman finally come to life in this new DC comic book movie world. The other reason this is a pretty big deal is that it will continue to fuel speculation that a Justice League movie might be happening.

Per Bleeding Cool, via a reported casting call from Warner Bros.:

I can tell you that she’ll be somewhere between twenty five and thirty three – or at least leave the impression of a woman in that age range, whatever that might be.

I can tell you that she needs to be physically strong. They’re specific about that.

We’ve heard rumblings about this already, as we reported a month back that Warner Bros was supposedly looking for a female lead to play Bruce Wayne’s love interest. This could end up being the same role and the plot could thicken with a Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman love triangle.

We won’t for sure if Wonder Woman is even in the cards for Batman vs. Superman but it certainly looks like more casting for the film is getting underway regardless.

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