Oscar Winner Christoph Waltz Cast as Villain in Tarzan Reboot


He’s been an evil Nazi commander and a cunning German dentist — both roles that won him Oscars — and now Christoph Waltz is taking his talents to the world of reboots. The Quentin Tarantino staple is in talks to play the villain in the upcoming Tarzan reboot starring Alexander Skarsgard.

Per a report from Variety:

Christoph Waltz is in talks to join the cast of Warner Bros.’ “Tarzan” reboot starring Alexander Skarsgard.  David Yates is on board to direct the pic. It is unclear how the new version will be interpreted, but sources say Waltz would be a military figure that crosses paths with the King of the Jungle.

So far in his post Inglorious Basterds career, Waltz hasn’t had much success with films not written by Quentin Tarantino. The man seems to have been put on the Earth for the sole reason of spitting Tarantino dialog but when he’s not in the right movie — aka a Tarantino movie — he just doesn’t have the magic he’s shown in his Oscar winning roles.

But he can play a villain very well, and that’s the role he’s in talks to play for the Tarzan reboot, which doesn’t yet have a release date attached to it. Waltz’s non-Tarantino struggles can be chalked up to poor writing, which is hardly an insult when lined up against that of Tarantino’s. But he possesses serious acting talent and every new role is a new chance for Watlz to wow us yet again.

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