The Simpsons Season Premiere: Can Guillermo del Toro Save The Simpsons?


It’s been a very long while since The Simpsons has been anywhere close to culturally relevant, let alone a good show. But if there’s one thing that the series has been able to do, it’s make their annual Halloween episode Treehouse of Horror a staple of franchise. THis year they will partially hand the reigns over to horror icon Guillermo del Toro who will the iconic opening couch gag for this year’s Treehouse of Horror

Per ComingSoon, the Pacific Rim and Mimic director will resurrect classic horror monsters and characters for his opening couch gag which will debut next Sunday, October 6th for The Simpsons season premiere.

Director, screenwriter, producer and novelist Guillermo del Toro (Pacific RimPan’s Labyrinth) will be resurrecting some historic Halloween goblins and ghouls for “The Simpsons” when he provides the opening couch gag for this season’s terrifyingly hilarious “Treehouse of Horror XXIV,” airing Sunday, Oct. 6 (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

The real question surrounding the episode is can del Toro’s presence boost The Simpsons out of the lull it’s been in for the last ten years? It’s almost cliché at this point to say the first ten years of The Simpsons – specifically the first seven seasons — is some of the most well written and witty American satire ever aired on television. But ever since the likes of Family Guy and South Park have rolled around, The Simpsons have ditched their razor sharp wit and dulled it to compete at a lower level.

Obviously this can’t be reversed by a couch gag created by one of the most visionary directors we’ve ever seen, but it’s encouraging that despite it’s lack of quality, The Simpsons is still trying to be inventive in a world they basically dried up during their first epic run on television.

Del Toro’s couch gag will air at the start of The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXIV in two weeks on Fox. What do you think, can Guillermo del Toro save The Simpsons or will he just be another in a long line of people to work with The Simpsons to simply say they have? Sound off in the comments section below.

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