Disney Reveals First Look at Meryl Streep As a Witch in 'Into The Woods'

Disney has released our first look at Oscar winning actress Meryl Streep in the new film Into The Woods, which is brand new twist on a classic Grimm Brothers tale. Despite how creepy Streep looks, this is an upbeat movie fit with musical numbers and a vast array of characters most of us are familiar with from old Grimm stories.

But even though the movie is set to be a lighter version of Grimm stories than the Terry Gilliam version that starred Heath Ledger and Matt Damon, it’s clear that the aesthetics of the movie are trying to stay true to the roots of the stories they’ll be telling. Streep’s creepy witch is proof of this, although a photo of Streep and actually seeing her perform are two entirely different things.


It’s not just Streep headline the ensemble cast as Johnny Depp, Anna Kendrick, Chris Pine and Emily Blunt are all in the film as well. We won’t see Into The Woods until Christmas 2014, but already the flick looks a lot better than some were maybe giving to credit for when the idea and cast was announced.

Plus, if Streep looks this great in witch makeup, we can already picture the wackiness that Johnny Depp’s wardrobe will bring to the film.

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