Michael Bay Releases Transformers 4 Photo Featuring Mark Wahlberg

Michael Bay specializes in making movies that no one asked for but for some reason everyone runs out to see. Case in point being the production of Transformers 4 which is the fourth film in a franchise that stopped being fresh about 45 minutes into the original film. But Bay has studio backing and he’s extremely talented at making heaps of money in a world where blockbusters rule the entertainment world.

Bay is teasing fans who are actually looking forward to the film and has released an official photo for the film featuring star Mark Wahlberg and — well the only guy that really matters is Wahlberg. The two actors in the background are Nicola Peltz and Jack Reynor but they’re standing way behind Wahlberg for a reason.

Without totally dumping on the film, the prospects surrounding it’s quality are not high and that lands squarely on Bay and his track record of films. But there is hope that Transformers 4 will be a return to what the first  film was — entertaining. His films don’t add much value to the world of cinema but they are fundamentally what movies are all about as they serve as pure escapism at it’s finest and trashiest.

With Wahlberg headlining the cast, we’ll be holding out hope that this is one of the better Michael Bay films to have been made. Even though holding your breath for that is dangerous to your health.


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