Scarlett Johansson, Michael Cera and Recasting Classic Films for Reboots

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Ever have a favorite movie that you tell your friends about, beg them to watch, and then have your jaw hang open in disbelief when they tell you they didn’t like it? You told them the story line they loved it. But when they watched the real thing they just didn’t get it or “couldn’t get into it”. Movies from previous generations often have this problem. The pace of movies “back then” was much slower. The camera stayed on one speaker for long phrases. The wide shots stayed wide for what feels like forever to the modern viewer.

Remakes, re-dos, and reboots are quite popular in Hollywood at the moment. NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour recently did a podcast about what kinds of movies deserve a second look. They collected a handful of criteria that make a movie a prime candidate for a remake/reboot. And that’s great for the guys at NPR. But here at Flicksided we say “less is more”. And in this case the only criteria for a remake is this: there is a better way to tell the story. Maybe it’s better technology, better actors, or better conventional wisdom; there is something that can be improved.

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