Breaking Bad Series Finale: AMC Charges $400,000 Per Ad for Final Episode


One minor complaint that fans of Breaking Bad had during the epic series finale was the sheer amount of ads we had to all deal with which broke up the action. But according to a report from the numbers from Ad Age, those ads did not come cheap at all. After crunching the numbers, an ad during the series finale of Breaking Bad cost a company buying time upwards of $400,000.

Per Ad Age:

At the top end, AMC sought between $300,000 to $400,000 for a 30-second ad in the final episode of the series, according to media buyers. Other buyers reported a price tag closer to $200,000. Several variables affect how much marketers pay.

While this is hardly something that had an effect on the finale of Breaking Bad, which many are calling one of the best finales in television history, it is vindicating for fans who were annoyed by having to sit through so many commercials.

At least we know why there were so many, as AMC made absolute bank by selling ad time during the finale. The ratings aren’t yet in, but the expectation is that Breaking Bad will have crushed all other competition and possibly set a new record for cable television. Not ever ad cost $400,000 but Ad Age reports even low end ad space cost over $100,000, meaning even in death Walter White was valuable to the people around him — no matter real or fictional.

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