Breaking Bad Series Finale: Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and the Cast Then and Now

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The series finale of Breaking Bad airs tonight, ending five of the best seasons on television we’ve seen in a long time. While Walter White’s journey ends after 62 episodes, the cast of Breaking Bad will never be the same as their careers will now be defined by their roles on the hit AMC series.

But while Breaking Bad will be the cast’s pinnacle in their careers, all of the actors and actresses involved had been working in movies and television for years before they broke through on Breaking Bad. Series star Bryan Cranston, for example, was financially set thanks to his previous work on a hit sitcom, and didn’t even need to take the role. Aaron Paul had been a contestant on The Price is Right and Dean Norris had been in films like Lethal Weapon 2 and others.

So before we say good-bye to the cast of Breaking Bad, let’s take a look back at where they were before the broke bad. 

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