Breaking Bad Series Finale: Who Died and Who Survived the Final Episode? (Spoilers)


After five long seasons of fighting his way to the top of his drug trade, Walter White’s journey is over and Breaking Bad has come to an end. The AMC series Breaking Bad has aired it’s final episode and we now have finally had the nagging question of what happens to Walter White and the characters of Breaking Bad answered.

You could smell blood on show’s finale from the very first episode of the season when a disheveled Walter White was sitting in a cafe, contemplating his next move. He knew what he was doing but we had no clue just what was in store when we saw those images of Walt for the first time back in late 2012.

The intense and epic finale is still settling in, as most fans are refusing to accept that the end of Breaking Bad has come and gone. We were promised a bloody end to the show and that’s exactly what we got, so let’s take one more quick look at what the body count of the final episode was and who survived he end and who did not.


Breaking Bad Series Finale Death Count:

  • Todd
  • Jack
  • All of Jack’s men
  • Walter White

What did you think of how Breaking Bad ended? Did the right people die, would you have saved a character or is someone still roaming around who shouldn’t be? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know.

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