Breaking Bad Star Aaron Paul Stars in Old Corn Pops Cereal Commercial (Video)

Before he broke bad on the hit AMC series Breaking Bad, Emmy winner Aaron Paul was trying to make a name for himself any way that he could. While we’ve all seen the clip of Paul competing on the game show The Price Is Right we may have first recognized the actor from the slew of commercials he did back in the 1990s.

One of his most well known commercials debuted in 1999 for Kellogg’s Corn Pops.

In the commercial, Paul plays a guy with a mad craving for some corn pops. In hindsight, knowing that he plays first a meth addict and then a meth cook in Breaking Bad, his amped up performance in the commercial has an entirely different meaning.

Paul starred in more than just this commercial but in all of his appearances he was known as the wild haired party dude who just wanted whatever the product that was being sold really bad. Whether it be Corn Pops, Juicy Fruit or 1-800-Collect, Paul was there craving it.

His early appearances in commercials go to show just how hard it is to make your bones in acting and how long you might have to wait before your big break. Paul didn’t hit it big until almost a decade after this commercial, but the wait was worth it for both Paul and fans of Breaking Bad.

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