Breaking Bad Star Giancarlo Esposito in Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing (Video)

With the finale of Breaking Bad looming over fans everywhere, the hours leading up to the final episode are being spent reflecting on both the show itself and the actors who helped make the series the hit that it was. Not everyone is using Breaking Bad as their breakthrough role and most actors had been floating around for a while.

Case in point is none other than Gus Fring, who was played by Giancarlo Esposito. While Gus will be the role defines his career, as it brought critical acclaim and an Emmy nomination, he had been getting solid work well before the role on Breaking Bad came about. For instance, Esposito had a run in the late 80s and early 90s where he was a regular in Spike Lee’s rotation of actors.

One of this more memorable roles was in the classic Do The Right Thing, where he plays a resident of Brooklyn who quarrels with Sal, the owner of a pizza shop at the heart of the neighborhood. Esposito has an immortal scene where in famously asks Sal to put “more brothers” on his wall of fame.

The scene not only stands a classic in the film, but it shows off Esposito’s range as an actor. He couldn’t be further away from the role he’d take as Gus on Breaking Bad, as he is unrecognizable in the film.

It would be over 20 years until he became Gus Fring, but Esposito’s role in Do The Right Thing goes to show that Breaking Bad‘s stars were making their bones long before the show came around.

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