Breaking Bad Series Finale Was Watched By 10.3 Million Viewers, Sets New Series Rating Record


Last night’s series finale of Breaking Bad was expected to be a big night for AMC but now that the official ratings are in we know just how big the night was. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series finale of Breaking Bad drew 10.3 million viewers which not only smashed a record for the show but became the second most watched episode for AMC as a network.


An extended 75-minute episode of the AMC drama averaged 10.3 million viewers during its original 9 p.m. broadcast. That’s up from last week’s 6.6 million viewers and the fourth record audience brought in during the final eight episodes. The finale as only outranked by The Walking Dead as AMC’s most-watched original broadcast to date.

The rating doesn’t rank the Breaking Bad finale near the top of the most watched series finales of all-time, but the 10.3 million viewers is a more than respectable number given the type of competition the show was up against on what could have been the best nights of television so far this year.

Between the season premiere of Family Guy and Homeland, a new episode of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and another night of Sunday Night Football on NBC, Breaking Bad didn’t have it easy when it came to drawing in viewers.

There was also the fact that most fans of the show seemed to be behind on the series and not ready to watch the finale. But 10.3 million viewers is not a small number and is yet another crowing achievement for the most critically acclaimed show of all-time.

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