Princess Diana Biopic Removes Ad Placed Near Diana Death Site

We are just months away from seeing if the biopic Diana can live up to the expectations being set before it and tell a compelling story about one of the most iconic figures of the last 100 years. But while many are looking forward to Naomi Watts turn as Princess Diana, an advertising snafu has caused some controversy in Paris which has prompted an adjustment in the advertising campaign for the film.

In a move that angered many Britons, a poster for Diana was placed near the Place de l’Alma, which is extremely close to entrance of the tunnel where Diana’s life was claimed in a crash back in August 1997. According to a report from Deadline, the poster has been removed after the outrage.

Per Deadline:

A spokesperson at Le Pacte confirmed the posters were removed this afternoon Paris time and explained that the exact locations of posters are not hand-picked when a campaign is laid out.

In other words, not a whole lot of thought was put into the placement of the posters. It wasn’t as though the death site of Princess Diana was being defaced, nor were the posters being plastered inside the tunnel, but the close proximity to the site as well as an unofficial monument to Diana seemed to be in poor taste and has since been corrected.

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