Tom Hanks Oscar Contender Captain Phillips to Get IMAX Release


While Tom Hanks is currently rising to the top of Oscar contender lists around Hollywood, the hype surrounding his new film Captain Phillips is only getting hotter with news the film will be re-mastered for a full IMAX release. According to ScreenCrush, the Tom Hanks Oscar contender will get not only a wide release in theaters, but it will reach the widest screen as well.

Per ScreenCrush:

In addition to the film’s Oscar clout, IMAX and Sony Pictures Entertainment announced today that ‘Captain Phillips’ will be digitally re-mastered for release in select IMAX theaters worldwide, starting October 11. That way, you can experience this riveting story on a larger-than-life screen.

The current trend with new releases seems is to release your film in IMAX, as the new George Clooney film Gravity is not only getting an IMAX release but is doing so in 3D as well.

Captain Phillips won’t be coming at you in three dimensions, but it will be coming at you on the largest screen possible. Not only will the Oscar buzz around the film intensify as we near the January nomination date, but the box office return on the film will get a nice boost thanks to the IMAX release.

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