Daniel Day-Lewis Cast in Star Wars Episode VII?


With filming about three months away on Star Wars Episode VII, the cast of J.J. Abrams’ next film is going to have to be solidified at some point. With rumors flying around at the moment, naming everyone from Benedict Cumberbatch to Simon Pegg and Saoirse Ronan, one name has surfaced that is tearing Star Wars fans apart.

According to El Mayimbe from Latino Review, Oscar winning legend Daniel Day-Lewis may be on the Lucasfilm radar.

Day-Lewis had lunch with Lucas and Kennedy which means he’s probably not just in the movie but we can go ahead and report that Day-Lewis is co-directing, writing and personally delivering a copy of the film to Star Wars fans all over the globe. It’s very possible that Star Wars was discussed at this meeting between Kennedy, Lucas and Day-Lewis, it’s also possible that it was just a guy that looked like Day-Lewis or that three of Hollywood’s most elite players were just having lunch together.

However, the thought of Day-Lewis somehow fitting into the new Star Wars universe is something that has fans polarized. Some want to believe that Day-Lewis is in talks for a part in the film while other are seeing this for what it likely is — too good to be true.

While Latino Review is hardly concrete with most scoops, they did nail news about Saoirse Ronan auditioning for the film, a rumor the Irish actress confirmed today. That only serves to get Star Wars fans in an even larger fit over what could end up being one of the biggest casting surprises in recent history.

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