Sons of Anarchy Recap: Who Died and What Happened in Tonight's Episode "Wolfsangel"?


We’ve been waiting a year to find out what happens next to Jax, Tara, Gemma and the rest of SAMCRO in Sons of Anarchy. The season six premiere picked right up where the last season came to a shocking halt with Clay and Tara going to prison, Jax moving further away from his plans to leave the club and everyone pitted against one another.

We are just getting started with what should prove to be an epic and intense second to last season of Sons of Anarchy so let’s get right into it and break down the five most intense moments of tonight’s episode.

5. Jax Didn’t Have Tigg Killed

At the end of the last episode, we all thought for sure that Tigg was a goner. He had once agin let his emotions jeopardize the club in a way that looked unforgivable. But while he seemed to have sent Pope’s men out to eliminate Tigg, it ended up being a loyalty test and Tigg’s life was ultimately sparred. Still, Jax considered killing a fellow member and kind of dabbled in the actual act of doing so. There’s also the matter of Tigg being wildly unstable, despite the value he might still have for the club.

4. Unser Gets a Swastika Carved In His Chest by a New White Supremacy Gang 

We hadn’t seen much from Unser up to this point in the season and usually whenever he shows up, bad things end up happening to him. That was the case when he was jumped by a group of white supremacists who proceeded to carve a swastika in his chest. The act signified that SAMCRO have more enemies than they can count as not only are the Irish giving them issues, but Lee Toric, the D.A. and now the Aryan’s are out to get them and knock them down.

3. Phil Get Killed By The Irish

THe prospects have always held a special place in our hearts, but this was the episode we said goodbye to our lovable fur-ball Phil. He was never violent, always quiet and did as he was told. That’s exactly what got him killed as collateral for Jax’s decision to get the club out of guns. Understandably, the Irish did not appreciate the fact that Clay had been tossed away to the side of things and then so quickly there after told that SAMCRO would no longer be partnering with them. So the killed two members of the club, Phil included, to send a message that you don’t just back out of a deal because you no longer want in on it.

2. Jax Continues Journey Down Dark Path

Jax has been trying since the start of season 4 to distance himself and the club from what it became under Clay’s rule. But despite the fact that he is trying to do better by the club and his family, he seems to be falling deeper and deeper into the black hole of hate that was first dug by Clay. Not only did he almost turn on a former member like Clay did so many times, but he’s been making decisions in the name of the club without it’s consent. While he may have a vision, he seems to be making choices for him and not for the club in general.

1. Otto Shanks Lee Toric and Kills Him 

This season there has been no bigger thorn in the side of SAMCO’s side than former U.S. Marshall Lee Toric. From the start he’s been on revenge trip over Otto killing his sister and it seemed it might have had the club on it’s way to checkmate. He seemingly had Clay ready to flip before a sudden change of heart by the former leader. Toric vastly underestimate not only Clay but the unity of SAMCRO when they are being tested by outside forces. Putting aside their differences, Jax, Clay and Otto all formulated a ling winded plan that ended with Otto exacting revenge on Toric for the abuse and torture he had been subject to. The episode ended with Clay giving Otto a shank and Otto using that shank to first gut Toric and then slit his throat before being gunned down by guards. Intense doesn’t even begin to describe what this will all mean moving forward.

What was your favorite moment of tonight’s episode? Sound off in the comments section and let us know.

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