Seth MacFarlane Sequel Ted 2 Gets Official 2015 Release Date


He’s crude, he’s profane and he’s coming back to a big screen near you very soon. According to a report from Deadline, Universal has set an official release date for the Seth MacFarlane sequel Ted 2. The film will hit a wide release on June 26, 2015 which falls in line with precious rumors about the release date.

Per Deadline:

Universal Pictures will release the follow-up to Seth MacFarlane‘s highest-grossing original R-rated comedy of all time on June 26, 2015. MacFarlane returns as writer, director and co-star of Ted 2 along with star Mark Wahlberg from Universal and Media Rights Capital.

Before the official release date was announced today by Universal, the thought was that Ted 2 was coming at some point in the summer of 2015 with even a late spring date of April being hinted at in a tweet by MacFarlane. The Family Guy creator joked about Ted and Passover but the official date confirms this was just a joke.

Ted 2 will follow the hit success of Ted which was MacFarlane’s polarizing first foray into filmmaking. The profane teddy bear was a hit with fans of MacFarlane’s show and even managed to convert some on the fence. It wasn’t for everyone though but the box office return and MacFarlane’s hot name is something Universal is still read in invest in even before his second film A Million Ways To Die In The West hits theaters this summer.

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