Bill Nye The Science Guy Will Battle Bob Newhart on The Big Bang Theory

With all the upcoming crossover battles we are expecting to see, from Batman vs. Superman to the endless crossovers in the Marvel movies and television show, but the ultimate battle of wits is yet to come. The Big Bang Theory is mixing things up by pitting Bob Newhart’s Doctor Proton character up against his real life inspiration, Bill Nye the Science guy.

According to, as well as Huffington Post, Bill Nye will be dropping by for the first episode in November and will be double-billed with Emmy winner Bob Newhart.

However, he’s not going to be the only notable guest star on the episode. Bill Nye the Science Guy will also be guest starring as himself. In the episode, when Professor Proton (Newhart) contacts Leonard (Johnny Galecki) to ask for help with an experiment, a scorned Sheldon (Jim Parsons) seeks revenge by befriending a rival science TV host, Bill Nye

Nye has been on a hot streak recently when it comes to getting his name back in the news. Almost everyone is familiar with who he is but his recent stint on Dancing With The Stars has rejuvenated his value to television and he’s being seen everywhere. The Big Bang Theory likely won’t feature him as a recurring character, but let’s not count out a role similar to Will Wheaton’s were he pops up every so often and holds importance to the main cast in some way.

The Big Bang Theory airs it’s third episode tonight with the Bill Nye episode airing later this season.

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