Johnny Knoxville Stars in New 'Jackass: Bad Grandpa' Clip (Video)


It’s been roughly three years since we last saw the Jackass gang onscreen and while the crew won’t be making any return appearances in a fourth film anytime soon, Johnny Knoxville is continuing the name of the franchise with his latest release Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa. 

We’ve seen trailer for the film but we got our first look at actual footage from the film which looks to be yet another hilarious chapter in the Jackass franchise.

Whether the movie is a hit will be determined when it actually comes out and audiences can get a complete look at a film that seems like a one note joke. The character is a reprisal of the one Knoxville played in the previous Jackass movies as he basically plays the role of a politically incorrect grandfather who trots around his grandson while doing things like stealing cars, picking up hookers and bothering random people on the street.

As with most Jackass material, this latest venture looks like it will be hit and miss with the material it contains. However, despite the moronic nature of the concept of Jackass, when they hit they usually hit hard and in hilarious fashion.

It’s too early to tell if that’s going to be what this movie is, but so far it’s at least nostalgic to see the Jackass crew back at it.

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