Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter Say 'Bill &Ted 3' Is Coming Along Slowly But Surely


It’s been 25 years since we last saw he likes of Bill and Ted on the big screen, but according both Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves the wait might soon be over — which is excellent.

A while back we heard a report from Reeves that was none too positive about the possibility of a third Bill & Ted adventure but recently both Reeves and Winters have come forth to not completely confirm Bill & Ted 3 is happening but rather update fans that everyone is trying really hard to make it happen.

And by everyone, Winters means just four guys. Per an interview with Empire:

“We have a script and I believe we will get it made. But we’re in that zone of putting it together, which maybe Dumb And Dumber To was in for a while. Chris(Matheson) and Ed (Solomon) are two very sought-after Hollywood screenwriters and we’re waiting for them to come back with another draft. It’s just the four of us: it’s not like there’s a big, cigar-chomping money guy interfering. There are people with money who are interested, but the ball is in our court as to how we want to organize it financially. I hate to say this because it might tick off the fans, but it doesn’t really matter if the movie happens now or in a couple of years, given what it’s about and how it plays with what’s happened to us. There’s a sweetness to that which will get only better with age. That somehow we haven’t changed in 20 years – life has grown up around us and yet we’re untouched.”

Like how Kevin Smith wants to go back to Clerks and tell life at different ages through his perspective, seeing Bill and Ted in their 50s is a concept that will intrigue more than just fans of the original films.

Reeves has said he’s interested in this idea, but with only four guys really working on a third Bill & Ted movie fans will have to continue to hold out hope — or find a time traveling phone booth to speed up the process.

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