The League Season 5, Episode 4 Recap: What Happened on Episode 'The Bye Week'?


After last week’s interestingly bizarre but memorable episode hat saw Rafi and Dirty Rand avenge the death of one of their friends, we saw The League return to it’s roots with an episode that took us back to Chicago and focused on both Ruxin and Taco’s Taco Truck that didn’t actually sell tacos.

Not many fans were keen on last week’s episode, but there was more porn to be had in this latest episode as while cleaning out his house, Ruxin realizes that he has a massive box full of porno that he must get rid of otherwise face the wrath of his wife. But the wrath is coming from more than just his wife as Ruxin is discovered to not be displaying the Sacko — now called The Ruxin — which is something Pete and Andre go to investigate.

Meanwhile, Taco acquires a creeper van from which he opens up a food truck that ironically does not sell tacos, something that confuses virtually everyone that amazingly wants to buy food from out of Taco’s truck. This all leads to a scenario where Kevin returns home to celebrate his “Sexaversary” but ends up spoiling the night by having wing sauce on his hands, which causes unwanted irritation in unwanted places.

All in all, the episode was a return to what fans of The League want to see out of the show. Interestingly enough, the episode incorporated moments we saw last week with Rafi, such as him crying in the bar over his dead friend as well as the theft of Kevin’s car. It’s a safe bet that next week’s episode will in some way deal with the death of Rafi, but for now we saw The League return to the formula it’s used to even if the episode wasn’t as hilariously unhinged as last week.

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