Ang Lee Wants To Convert Real Muhammed Ali Fight Footage to 3D for New Boxing Movie


He has two Best Director Oscars under his belt but legendary visual artist Ang Lee is wanting to go in a drastic new direction for his next film and it seems that’s exactly where he’s going. In his follow up to the critically acclaimed Life of Pi, Lee is planning on filming a 3D boxing movie that screenwriter Peter Morgan says will use real footage in a brand new innovative way.

Morgan, who recently wrote the hit film Rush for Rn Howard which all surely garner an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay, spoke about his work on Lee’s upcoming boxing film which he called out of the box and something we haven’t seen before. Apparently, Lee is trying to take actual footage from past fights and digitally insert actors into the footage and transfer everything to 3D.

Per CinemaBlend:

“Ang wants to work with 3D technology that will make an audience feel as if they’re inside the ring,” he explained. That sounds perfectly fine, and it would create quite an immersive experience for audience members. But Lee also wants something a bit more out of the box.”

Morgan says the director wants to use actual footage of the fights, incorporating the undetermined cast members into the action digitally.

It seems like a wildly tall task for Lee to undertake in creating a 3D boxing movie the way he is. It’s been ages since a decent boxing movie was released, but if there’s two guys that can revive the genre it’s Lee and Morgan.

We will have to see how far this project actually comes, but Lee has been known to pour years of his life into a project and the results have been films like Brokeback Mountain and Life of Pi, so the Oscar winner has our full attention

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