Breaking Bad Remake: First Trailer Released for Spanish Language Reboot (Video)


We aren’t even a week removed from the epic conclusion of Breaking Bad and already the show is getting remade and rebooted. No, an American studio isn’t behind this, rather Breaking Bad is being remade for Spanish language countries under the new title Metastasis. This isn’t breaking news as we’ve known a Spanish-language remake was in the works but we’ve now been given the first official look at how similar the show will be to Breaking Bad.

Metastasis released it’s first trailer on Thursday and already the show looks like it will be drawing an international audience as it stays very true to the Vince Gilligan original.

It’s amazing that while you can change the language and the location but the story still seems intriguing. It’s a true testament to the power and quality of Breaking Bad as well as the talents involved with Metastasis.

Spanish-language remakes of American stories isn’t a new process and has existed as far back as the classic Universal film Dracula. The story goes that while Bela Lugosi and Tod Browning shot the film during the day, the Mexican filmmakers would watch what they did and then try to top the American version while they shot the same scenes at night in Spanish.

Metastasis is along the lines of 1931 horror film production as it takes directly from Breaking Bad but tries to build on it and put a new spin on things.

Fans love Breaking Bad so much that it’s almost guaranteed that this will be getting some attention state-side and is sure to be a hit south of the border in Columbia and all Spanish-speaking countries Metastasis will be aired.

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