Breaking Bad: Walter White's Obituary Shows Up in Albuquerque Newspaper

If you haven’t seen the final episode of Breaking Bad and you subscribe to the Albuquerque Journal, stay away from the obituary section. A week after AMC ended the hit show, Walter White’s obituary has shown up in the New Mexico newspaper The Albuquerque Journal. walter-white-obituary-240x300 Not only did this spoil the show for anyone reading the paper who didn’t finish the show, it shows just what kind of cultural impact Breaking Bad had and will continue to have now that the story has been wrapped up. As if you didn’t already piece to together, Walter White meets his demise at the end of the series after attempting to make amends with those he caused pain to during his rise to power as Heisenberg.

The point of his redemption trip was to try and recapture the image of the man he used to be for those around him. That’s what the obituary explains, although one thing the paper did is further fuel the ongoing debate of whether or not Walter’s final episode was just a fantasy. The obituary says he succumbed to his battle with lung cancer and noted nothing of the gunshot wound he suffered saving Jesse.

Again, this only points out the sort of impact Breaking Bad had on it’s fans as even though the show is over, something as simple as an obituary can spark a debate among fans about what the ending of the show really meant.

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