Glee Farewell: First Look at Footage of Corey Monteith Tribute Episode (Video)

The moment Glee fans and creators have been dreading is here. In an episode that is sure be as depressing as it is celebratory, Glee is set to air it’s episode where it addresses the sudden death of star Corey Monteith who played the school quarterback Finn on the hit FOX series.

As with most tributes so far, the episode will likely bring fans down, once again reminding them that Monteith is no longer with us but it will also be celebratory of the life he lived and the friend he was to character not only in the show but the actors who portray them in real life.

When just the promo for the episode puts a lump in your throat you know the episode is going to destroy you. Everyone knew that the death of Monteith was going to have to be addressed and after the two-part Beatles tribute episodes that kicked off the season, things are coming back to reality for perhaps the realist episode of Glee we will ever see.

Monteith was found dead in his Vancouver apartment back in July after he overdosed on heroin. The death shocked the television world and brought unpleasant flashbacks to the way Heath Ledger was lost in a similar way, robbing the world of a talent and robbing friends of someone they loved.

The episode, which is simply titled ‘The Quarterback’ will air next Thursday on October 6th on FOX.

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