Peter Jackson's The Hobbit Trilogy Has Already Cost $561 Million So Far


If there’s a film franchise fans love more than anything, it’s Lord of the Rings. It has viable competition for the best franchise of all-time, but even the prequel films are so far doing better than counterpart Star Wars managed however the price for that success isn’t cheap.

According to Variety, The Hobbit trilogy has already cost Warner Bros. and director Peter Jackson upwards of $561 million and counting.

Through March 31, production had cost 676 million New Zealand dollars, or $561 million at current exchange rates, according to financial documents filed Friday in New Zealand, where the movies are being made.

While that’s an insane amount of money, especially considering it’s double what all three Lord of the Rings films cost, the trilogy is not in danger of losing money. So far The Hobbit has brought in over $1 billion at the worldwide box office and that’s just the first film in the trilogy.

Still, there’s no promise that the other two films will rake in the box office return that The Hobbit did even is betting on that happening is a good idea. Critics and fans are only expecting the prequel series to get better as it continues, and the so-so reviews of the first film didn’t at all hurt it’s return.

$1 billion is a tough mark to hit again but Warner Bros is beyond confident it will given the amount of money it’s pouring into  production.

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