James McAvoy Wants to Follow Up X-Men Role with Thundercats Movie

He’s been Wanted and he’s a star in the new X-Men reboot franchise but James McAvoy isn’t done geeking out with the roles he does. Although not a comic book, McAvoy is clamoring for a role in a vintage television reboot from childhood’s past — Thundercats. According to an interview he did with Total Film, McAvoy wants to revive the Thundercats franchise for the big screen as he claims it could be a hit. 

As Russ Burlingame pointed out in his piece on the whole matter, Lion-O isn’t necessarily a character that invokes the type of prowess that a Batman or Superman role brings. Still, McAvoy seems to be approaching interest in rebooting Thundercats from a financial standpoint which reeks of McAvoy doing the film for the paycheck.

Usually actors are approached with roles where they do them simply for the pay, it’s rare to have an actor asking for a franchise to be started so he can collect a pay check.

Maybe McAvoy is sincere about a Thundercats reboot too, and he’s one of the more talented actors working today which doesn’t rule out the possibility that he could surprise many people with the role.

But overall, Thundercats is cool to hipsters and interest in rebooting the goofy franchise shouldn’t extend much further than that.

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