TV Show Cancellations: ABC Drops Axe on 'Lucky 7'

We’re in the thick of the fall TV season which means new shows trying to secure their footing in primetime lineups are getting to the make or break section of their respective first seasons. Already we’ve seen a show get an early second season commitment but the axe has dropped on another.

According to TVLine, ABC has cancelled the series Lucky 7 after just two episodes — insert witty joke about the irony of the show’s title here.

ABC’sLucky 7 has earned the unlucky distinction of being the first cancellation of the 2013-2014 TV season. Effectively immediately, the network is pulling the lottery-themed drama off the air. Scandal encores will take over its Tuesday-at-10pm timeslot beginning next week.

The show didn’t have a whole lot of promise when it premiered a few weeks ago and the series will go down as one of the first to have gotten the axe. NBC chopped the underwhelming Camp out of it’s lineup, although the show had it’s premiere during the summer.

More shows are expected to get cancelled before the month is through but so far nothing too shocking has happened. Ratings for Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. dipped after it’s premiere episode but it’s hardly in danger, and neither are any of the other popular shows at the moment. If you’re hearing or reading about it, the show is safe.

If you’re hearing about the show for the first time, like some people are about Lucky 7, the show might be in trouble or worse.

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