Alexa Vega Fills Out New 'Machete Kills' Poster

Robert Rodriguez isn’t afraid to stay rooted in his own personal style of filmmaking. While other directors hit it big and stay with studio pictures, Rodriguez has always made B-movies that feel a lot like big budgets studio films — and that’s not an insult. For some reason he and buddy Quentin Tarantino can make trashy cinema look really great.

Case in point being this weekend’s Machete Kills, which comes out on October 11. No one asked for a sequel to a movie spawned by a gag trailer for Grindhouse, but here we are awaiting the release of Machete Kills. But while Rodriguez makes gritty and over-the-top B-movies for a living, he did go through a period where he used children movies to discover the new digital format of filmmaking.

Spy Kids was the start of actress Alexa Vega’s career and she returns to Rodriguez’s films with the role of Killjoy in Machete Kills. A new poster has debuted that shows her off and Spy Kids was a long, long long time ago.



Vega plays one of Sofia Vergara’s brothel workers turned mass murders in Machete Kills. It seems like not that long ago that Rodriguez was making the Spy Kids movies, but it’s very clear that Vega has grown up enough to fill out a very anti-Spy Kids poster.

Machete Kills hits theaters October 11.

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